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Spoil your team with a sales-practice-workshop

Whoever works long enough in sales is usually really good. Nevertheless, sometimes even experienced salespeople are still lacking the spark to solve a difficult situation. This is why this seminar focuses on the practice:

  • Situations that cost money and are frustrating
  • Current cases that are bugging your team members
  • The exchange of experiences on difficult situations from the daily sales routine

During the sales practice day your team works on current cases. Together with the trainer and colleagues they develop solutions for difficult customer situations.

This day brings your team out of the routine, ensures fresh motivation and strengthens the team spirit.

Typical feedback for this seminar format:

"The day was a matter of practical relevance."

"It’s amazing that we found ideas for seemingly insoluble problems which I couldn’t get myself."

"The guided exchange of experiences was valuable. We should do that much more often. "

"I got ideas for a current case that I can implement directly tomorrow."

Nobody is so experienced that they cannot learn something new or use a good idea.

Franziska Brandt-Biesler

Franziska Brandt-Biesler hat einen Weg gefunden, Verkaufen zielsicher und leicht zu machen: Zwei Menschen prüfen, ob es sinnvoll ist Geschäfte miteinander zu machen. Punkt!



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