It’s really surprising how often sales people lack the courage to close a deal. When customers already decided but don’t dare to say “Yes”, they sometimes need a little help. Without this, the deal is in danger.

With some clients, it’s not a problem. They decide and say “Yes” on their own. But others are stuck in an inner conflict: “Shall I, or shall I not?” If you don’t help, they tend to postpone the decision forever.

In this case, I recommend acting offensively. Like always, my 3-Step-Target helps. Here is how it works in closure situations:

Target A – Closure – Question: “Dear client, do we have a deal?”
Target B – Pre-closure and schedule – Questions: “What do you need to make your decision? And how can we proceed?”
Target C – Clearness and contact-strategy – Questions: “Which issues and problems are still open? What can we do to solve them? And how do we get in touch next time?” 

If you do not know this procedure yet, here is the step-by-step explanation:

  1. Think about your optimal target. What can you expect when everything goes right? This is your TARGET A. Plan which questions you must ask to find out if you can reach it.
  2. If you cannot get there, you need a Plan B. In this case, we call it TARGET B. It’s your second best target. Plan Questions for this target too. If your client shows you the “stop sign”, proceed to target B. This way, you do not need to build up pressure.
  3. And if it’s also not possible to reach this goal, think about your TARGET C, your minimal target. This one you will, and should reach in any case. And if you manage that, you are still one step ahead. 

When you work with this strategy, you use your ideal chances. And at the same time, you will not push your customer in any way. This procedure is comfortable for everybody and still target oriented. You can use it in every conversation or negotiation. The example above shows the usual targets for a closing-situation.

Dare more often to be offensive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Franziska Brandt-Biesler

Franziska Brandt-Biesler hat einen Weg gefunden, Verkaufen zielsicher und leicht zu machen: Zwei Menschen prüfen, ob es sinnvoll ist Geschäfte miteinander zu machen. Punkt!



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