No Deal? No Idea!

If you have no idea why your customer doesn’t close the deal, I am sorry to say it; you didn’t do your homework. That often happens in sales, but that doesn’t make it better. Change is needed.

I just worked for two days with one of my best clients. We had only one topic: Closure. In their new branch, deals are not coming in as expected, although they have enough leads to follow. Besides theory and role-plays, we worked on their existing leads to find out, what the challenges are. And in almost all of the cases, there was one problem: the sales people didn’t ask enough and therefore lacked information.

Over and over, we noticed that the sellers guessed what kept the customers from buying. Or (a little better) they confessed openly, that they had no idea. But they are not alone. Many sales people have the same problem.

Here are some topics you should question to understand if and how closing the deal is possible:

  • How convinced is the customer about the offered solution? What disturbs him (including finances)? 
  • How is the schedule of the customer? 
  • How does the decision process work? Who is involved? Who else must be convinced? How do these other decision makers think? 
  • Which alternatives to your solution exist and how does your client think about them? 
  • Which other topics and issues have high priority and might be in the way? 
  • What else can prevent the decision? 

If you are still in the dark with one of these questions, it can get difficult. Use your next phone conversation or visit to get clarity. If there are more open points ask one or two questions in every contact you have in the future. My motto is: Become smarter every time you talk to your customer. Then you are always on the right way.

That means: more questions -> more information -> more opportunities!



Franziska Brandt-Biesler

Franziska Brandt-Biesler hat einen Weg gefunden, Verkaufen zielsicher und leicht zu machen: Zwei Menschen prüfen, ob es sinnvoll ist Geschäfte miteinander zu machen. Punkt!



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