When companies call for acquisition most of the time the client will have to listen to an endless monologue. I am sure you know that from your own experience. In order to avoid this you can use an elevator-pitch, which helps you to get your message to the point.

The term ‘Elevator-Pitch’ is a metaphor. The story behind it is that you meet an important person that doesn’t know you yet in the elevator. Now you have just a couple of floors to make yourself known and get them interested.

It’s likely rarely an elevator. But also in cold calls, at events or in conversations with new clients it is good, if you know how to explain things short and sweet.

And that is how it works:

The aim of this pitch: The client needs to know who calls them and why they should talk to you. You can manage that (with some preparation and practice) in 30 seconds. Use four sentences:

  1. “I am…. from…” (just say your first and last name and the company name - in this order and clearly and slowly articulated)
  2. “What we do is…”, “We are specialized in…”, “We offer…” (ideally you use an unambiguous term, that is known and understandable for your target group)
  3. “Our specialty is…” or “Our clients say all the time…” (place a benefit, an advantage or a USP that your existing customers like in particular)
  4. “And in addition to that…” (and another benefit or advantage) 

Phrase 3 and 4 are the most important ones. This is where you take out the bait. The shorter you can put your advantage, the better. And leave it at two benefits. That way you make sure that the client is still attentive and also that you manage to say your elevator-pitch in 30 seconds.

Please take care that you use normal formulations. The sentences shouldn’t sound constructed but very natural. To ensure that it’s good you must practice until it sounds spontaneous.

And another tip: If you can be quite sure that the company you call already has a supplier in your area, add one more sentence: “Most likely you already have a partner for…. The special thing about us is…”. That way you are one step ahead of the customer. The probability that the client will talk to you increases immensely that way.

For different target groups you will have to adjust your elevator-pitch. The advantages of your offer should fit the conversational partner although you cannot know in advance what they are like. That is the reason for naming two benefits. That increases the hit rate.

In some exceptions there is one argument that is so interesting that everybody gets curious. In this case you can leave it at that - the shorter the better. After the elevator-pitch, you place the connection-question. I mentioned that in my last blogpost. If you haven’t read it, you will find it on my homepage.

In my next blogpost I will present another variation of the elevator-pitch that is useful if you want to explain something very briefly or if you want to bring the relevant arguments to the point.


Franziska Brandt-Biesler

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