Selling is simple: two people consider if they can do useful business with each other. Period!

Sales happens between humans. That is also true in technical B2B sales.


Für den Impuls-Workshop, dein Engagement und deine anstossenden Gedanken bedanke ich mich bei dir.
Du hast bei einigen Teilnehmern das Verständnis für das Verkaufen in eine weitere Ebene gestossen. Wir schauen das Verkaufen aus einer neuen Warte an.

Alex Gemperle, Verwaltungsratspräsident Gemperle Holding

Als „One-Man-Show“ in einem ICT-Beratungsunternehmen mit Schwergewicht Kaltakquise fehlt mir der Austausch von Tipps und Erfahrungen mit anderen Verkäufern. Im persönlichen Training von Frau Brandt-Biesler konnte ich genau diesen Erfahrungsaustausch nachholen. Zudem wurden auch Punkte wie der Verkaufsprozess und die Verkaufsunterlagen analysiert und optimiert. Vor allem gefiel mir, dass Frau Brandt-Biesler mit ihren Methoden neuen Schwung in meinen Verkaufsalltag brachte und ich heute pfiffiger mit den Kunden kommuniziere.

Daniel Hildinger, Account Manager, at rete ag

Where to start, when a sales team until now saw themselves in care and service for the customers.
In 2x2 days Mrs. Brandt-Biesler managed through simple and practical methods to convince the team: It’s not as hard as you think.
First successes already show and even the „old“ sellers experienced the WOW-effect.
Thank you that you helped me to bring my new sales team on the right track.

T. Kehoe, National Sales Manager, Lima GMBH, Hamburg

For me sustainability was important that would show in daily work. Each Participant of the seminars discovered something specific to work on in their daily routine. Now the existing potential is used.

Jürgen Martiens, Sales director, Bomag GmbH, Boppard

With every visited Seminar you ask yourself: ‚Was it worth it?‘. The answer can not be given immediately but after the first euphoria disappeared and the old routine had come back. After more than six month I can still say: ‚Yes!‘ Yes, because in every conversation, in every negotiation the learned tools and methods are available in my mind. And the use of them shows immediate results.

Andreas Eisenreich, CEO, Chemotechnik Abstatt GmbH, Abstatt

The seminar sequence in 4 parts for our key account management team was a fresh breeze in our daily sales routine. Mainly so, because of Franziska Brandt-Bieslers practice-oriented trainings. We go into a new sales era with momentum and motivation. On of my staff members brought it to the point: ‚What do you teach to a key account manager that thinks he already knows everything? The opposite!

Tobias Stöckli, Director of Key Account Management, Bison IT Services

Before the first seminar started I had my doubts if a woman can train us in our mail-dominated world. Franziska Brandt-Biesler convinced me 100%, that the opposite is true.

Dr. Rolf Diemer, Dipl. Chemiker, Chemotechnik Abstatt GmbH, Abstatt

Die VertriebsWerkstatt – Not hard but smart

Technical sales and sales education are my passions. I provide professional training and workshops for direct customer contact, e.g.

  • Field service sales
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Indoor sales
  • Customer service

Wherever your employees are talking to customers, presenting them with solutions or taking care of them, I support companies with Die VertriebsWerkstatt (The Sales Workshop) to “keep the engine running” in sales.

Why technical sales to begin with?

Technical sales is important to me. I like the straightforward, rational and pragmatic approach of technical experts and am able to enrich it with the "irrational" human side of sales. The platform for this is Die VertriebsWerkstatt.

Franziska Brandt-Biesler

Franziska Brandt-Biesler found a way to make selling easy. She says: „Selling is simple: two people consider if they can do useful business with each other. Period!“



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